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You can start a blog for free today
Five minutes to start a blog, that is all it takes.

Have you ever wanted to start a blog?  Share your story?  Help teach others?  Are you in need of a website for your small business or service?  You can start one now, today, for free.  It is simple and I will show you how.

girl-yayWhat is BlogStartClub.com?

BlogStartClub.com is your gateway to creation, optimization, and monetization of a blog or website for personal or professional use.  It is a resource where members can learn to start a successful blog from start to finish.  It is a step by step guide helping members to achieve their blogging goals.  What might those goals be?

  • A personal blog telling your story of motherhood, conquest, tragedy, triumph, etc.
  • A daily humorous.  Tell your daily happenings, this stuff is just hilarious.
  • An expertise blog.  You might be the only person in 6 counties who knows the secret to skinning an armadillo.  Or, your organizational skills are 2nd to none and you want to share your knowledge.  Or you can cook!  Or you have financial expertise.
  • A professional website.  You might have a small business that needs a professional presence on the web.  You can use a website created with the guidance of BlogStartClub.com and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars.
  • And whatever else you might want.

Why should you join BlogStartClub.com?

If you join BlogStartClub.com you might actually create that blog that you have always wanted.  You might revitalize a disappointing blog that you already have.  Maybe, you just might go pro.  Quit the rat race and do what you love.  You might be able to create a website for your business and not have to spend thousands of dollars.  Read this article I wrote on foxtangocharlie.com about firing your web guy.  I got a lot of flack for writing that article but you can create a blog or professional website on your own.  It is easy with the help of BlogStartClub.com.

Well, it’s me.  Jason Lancaster.  I have years of experience creating, failing, creating, succeeding at wordpress blogs.  In addition to blogs and websites I have over 20 years of coaching experience.  I will coach you to success.  But, more importantly, BlogStartClub.com is YOU.  It is the community of individuals who are thirsty for guidance, desperate for knowledge, and close to giving up because of bewilderment.  Those are the individuals that are here and will move past their fear into success.

Where is BlogStartClub.com?

I’m in Indiana, but why does that even matter?   It’s the world of email, chat, and google hangouts.  All of this will allow me to provide exceptional coaching, and will help get you where you need to be.

When is BlogStartClub.com?

Well, that is a strange question but I will tell you that currently BlogStartClub.com is open to everyone.  I don’t know how long that will last.  This is an amazing opportunity for you to get involved and get access to everything for cheap.  Real personalized service (like you will talk to me).  This may begin to consume all of me so I may have to charge a premium in the future… so …. I guess BlogStartClub.com is NOW!

What next?

Join the club!  Do it and we will begin to help you realize your dreams.

buriedpierWhat if I’m not ready to yet?

What?  How do you know if you are ready or not?  You don’t know about how easy it is to start.  You don’t know what you need to know yet.  But when you learn the information, when you gain the know how, you may realize you were ready years ago. Join Today!

Thanks for taking the time.  It warms my heart that you are going to begin this journey.  I am so excited because I have a vision for your blog or website and it has you crushing it!  You can do it and BlogStartClub can help.